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Our Story

Hi, I am Michelle, and I am the head boss lady at Outsourcing Crew.

I have more than twenty years of experience in cost optimisation, project management, process improvement, and business administration. And I’ve worked with small businesses to large ASX listed companies, across the Philippines, Dubai, New Zealand, and Australia.

And I created the Outsourcing Crew with a mission to help clients achieve their best life, all whilst enabling a better life for the team and community they work with.

Because when you work with the Outsourcing Crew you help provide job opportunities for local communities, so these areas can grow, and you enable families stay to together instead of moving away for work.

How we shake things up

The OUTSOURCING CREW’s mission is to disrupt traditional outsourcing by providing our clients with qualified, skilled and trained remote staff to help run their business, and in turn live their best life. In addition to providing the best for our customers, we practice sustainable and ethical employment standards. Our employees are:

  • paid fairly and reasonably, on-time and they receive all government mandated benefits and more.
  • given unlimited training resources, opportunities for career and personal development as well as work-life balance. 
  • provided with a safe, comfortable and fun place to work.  

We have set up our offices in areas where there are no job opportunities, so those areas can grow and the staff can stay with their families instead of move away for work.

What we value the most


We believe in doing it with passion or don’t do it at all. We always give our all on any projects we take on.


Clients first – we work hard to make sure our clients happiness is our priority.


We pride ourselves with doing what is right for our clients and our crew.

Giving Back

Giving back to the community (Australia and Philippines) is very important to us.

Giving Back

Growing up poor in the Philippines has given me a different perspective and first-hand experience on how even small support from someone in the community means a lot to someone going through some tough times.

One of the reasons why I started Outsourcing Crew is so we can provide sustainable jobs to those who are based in the regional areas where there are limited or no opportunities.

Our giving back program has evolved since it started in 2019. Our crew is given a chance to be involved in our numerous giving-back programs.

  • Christmas is for the kids – starting with 100 kids in December 2019 to 150 in 2020. Our team gave a basket of dinner package and coloring books to the kids in a few communities. We even included a card with a written message from each of the crew. In 2019, we also held a Jollibee lunch party for 100 kids with the fast-food mascot dancing with the kids.
  • Mother’s Day Gift Giving – started in 2021, we gave 50 single mums in the community a self-care pack and card with personalised message from everyone in the team.
  • For the love of Paws – we regularly donate to a few street dogs and cats rescue and shelter groups in support of our shared advocacy. We plan to build a street dogs and cats sanctuary near our main office in Lucban, Quezon.
  • Ad-hoc Programs – when there’s a need, we try our best to support and help the community even if it’s in a small way.
We strive to make our clients happy
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