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Our Story

Ola! I’m Michelle, the brains behind Outsourcing Crew – the coolest crew in town. With over 20 years of experience in cost optimisation, project management, process improvement, and business administration, I’m a pro at getting stuff done. From small mom and pop brands to big-league corporations, I’ve helped clients all over the world, from the Philippines to Dubai, New Zealand, and my current home, Australia.


But enough about me, let’s talk about why Outsourcing Crew rocks. Our mission is simple: to help you grow your business while living your best life and also doing some good in the world. How do we do that? By partnering with us, you’re not only getting top-notch support, but you’re also helping us create job opportunities in underserved areas and keeping families together in the Philippines. We’re talking major impact, people!


So, if you want to join the most trusted virtual assistance agency in town and make a real difference, let’s do this thing!


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How we're shake things up

We're proud to be flipping the script on offshore outsourcing with our ethical approach. No more sacrificing values for profit. We bring a fresh perspective, innovative ideas, and a team of top-notch professionals who share our commitment to doing things right. Say goodbye to the old way of doing things, and hello to a more ethical and sustainable future with us!"

At Outsourcing Crew, we believe in treating our team members right. That’s why we’re committed to paying them fairly and reasonably, ensuring on-time payment, and providing all government-mandated benefits and more.


We also believe in investing in our team’s future. With unlimited training resources and opportunities for career and personal development, we help our team members reach their full potential. Plus, we understand the importance of work-life harmony and strive to create a safe, comfortable, and fun place to work.


We’re not just creating jobs – we’re building a community where our team of virtual assistants can thrive both personally and professionally. 


Join us and experience the difference for yourself!”

What we value the most


We believe in doing it with passion or don’t do it at all. We always give our all on any projects we take on.


Clients first – we work hard to make sure our clients happiness is our priority.


We pride ourselves with doing what is right for our clients and our crew.

Giving Back

Giving back to the community (Australia and Philippines) is very important to us.

Giving Back

Growing up poor in the Philippines has given me a unique perspective on the power of community support. Even the smallest act of kindness can make a world of difference to someone going through tough times. That’s why I founded Outsourcing Crew – to provide sustainable jobs to those in regional areas with limited opportunities.

And we don’t stop there! Our giving back program has come a long way since 2019. Our crew has the chance to get involved in numerous giving-back initiatives and make a real impact in the community. It’s all part of our commitment to doing good and making the world a better place, one small act of kindness at a time.”

  • Christmas is for the kids

    At Outsourcing Crew, we’re all about spreading the love and making a real difference in our communities! We started with just 100 kids in December 2019, but by 2020 we had expanded our reach to 150 kids and counting.

    Our team knows how to party with a purpose! We’ve given out baskets of dinner packages and coloring books to kids in several communities, each with a personalized card from our crew. And let’s not forget the time we hosted a Jollibee lunch party for 100 kids – with the fast-food mascot busting a move on the dance floor!

  • Mother’s Day Gift Giving – In 2021, we kicked things off by spreading some serious self-care love to 50 single moms in the community. Each one received a personalized message from our team, along with a self-care pack to help them feel their best.
  • For the love of Paws – we don’t just love humans – we love our furry friends, too! That’s why we regularly donate to a few street dog and cat rescue and shelter groups in support of our shared advocacy.

    But we’re not stopping there – we’re taking our love for animals to the next level! Our plans include building a street dog and cat sanctuary right near our main office in Lucban, Quezon. Because let’s face it – life is just better with a few furry friends by your side!”

  • Ad-hoc Programs – Whether it’s providing some extra support to a local school or lending a hand to a family in need, we always try our best to make a difference – no matter how small the act may be. Because at the end of the day, it’s the small acts of kindness that can truly change the world!”
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